• Students should be regular and punctual to the school.
  • Late comers will not be permitted and irregular students will be sent out.
  • Students should attend the school in the prescribed school uniform only.
  • Boys should have their hair properly cut. Girls should have two plaits properly tied with ribbons.
  • Indecent garments are not to be worn in the premises during the school hours.
  • All students should obey and respect the teachers, parents and elders.
  • Students should speak only in English in the school premises.
  • Changing class rooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  • Students are instructed to maintain strict discipline in the school premises.
  • Students should always keep their class room clean and tidy.
  • Spoiling, defacing furniture and walls is prohibited.
  • Girls are strictly prohibited from wearing gold items of jewellery.
  • Students should take care of their belongings.
  • All home – works must be completed and submitted in time without fail.
  • Students are advised to attend the classes/ test / Exams punctually with the subjects well prepared.
  • Students should report promptly back at school on the re-opening day after the holiday / vacation period.
  • All students should put in minimum of 85% attendance during the academic year.


  • Speak in English.
  • Be punctual to school.
  • Be regular in attendance.
  • Do your homework regularly.
  • Come to school in neat and full uniform.
  • Develop neat handwriting.
  • Keep Text – Books & Exercise Books neatly covered.
  • Safe guard the school properly.
  • Take part in as many curricular activities available at school.
  • Always speak the truth.
  • Learn to use “please” and “excuse me” while talking to anyone.
  • Respect your teachers, parents, brothers, sisters and all the other elders and help them as much as you can.
  • Do one thing at a time and do it well.


  • Ensure that your ward reports to school regularly and punctually in neat and tidy uniform with the shoes well-polished. Students in improper uniform will be sent home after two reminders.
  • Children should be made to do their home-work regularly.
  • Parents / Guardians are not allowed to deal directly with the teacher of the school regarding any compliant. They should contact the Principal / Incharge and represent the matter.
  • The Dairy must be brought to school daily by the pupils; parents are instructed to check up the dairy daily and sign.
  • No re-test or re-examination will be held in case of absence.
  • Parents are advised not to pressurize the school authorities to send their children for petty functions like – birthday, Marriages of family, friends & relatives etc.
  • Be in constant touch with the school authorities to know your ward’s progress.
  • Send immediate response to the enquires sent by the school authorities and attend the teacher – parent interactions whenever called for.
  • Kindly provide your ward with all necessary prescribed text-books, note books and the required stationery items.
  • Pupils will not be allowed to leave the school premises with any one other than parents or guardians unless they produce a proper requisition letter from the parents or guardian and satisfied by the principal.
  • Any changes in the address and phone numbers may be intimated to the school immediately.
  • Close Co-operation between parents and teachers is absolutely necessary for the integral development of the child.
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances if any exam day is announced as an holiday then that days exam will be conducted at the end, after all exams are over. The next day exam will be conducted as per the time table.
  • Attendance on National Days like Republic Day and Independence Day is compulsory. Absence without prior approval will be viewed very seriously and may invite drastic disciplinary action.
  • Parents should see that all the prescribed fees are to be paid within the stipulated time.


    Diversity is valued as a rich resource; we welcome all students of different ethnicity, language and social background. The school strictly follows the set of admission procedures laid down by the Education Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

    Students are given admission irrespective of gender, caste, creed or religion.

    To remember, when admitting children.
  • Age limits for Pre K.G. is 2½ Yrs, L.K.G. is 3 Yrs.
  • 2 Passport sized photos & photo copy of Birth Certificate is to be enclosed with the application.
  • The original Transfer Certificate (TC) of the previous school is to be attached.
  • Fill all columns in the Admission Form with the correct information and hand over to the Office.
    and phone numbers may be intimated to the school immediately.


  * Black Shoes/ Black Socks.

  * Uniform clothes are available in school.

  * Monogram and belt will be supplied by the school
    L.K.G & U.K.GLight sandal with big checked shirt / Elephant grey half pantsLight sandal with gig checked frock
    I - VLight sandal with big checked shirt / Elephant grey half pantsLight sandal with big checked shirt / Elephant grey skirt / black ribbon
    VI - XIILight sandal with big checked shirt / Elephant grey full pantsLight sandal with big checked Kameez / Elephant grey salwar / Elephant grey waist coat / black ribbon.